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As a Technology Firm Owner, you face the growing demand to resource your business, innovate your product and sell to a customer base who are increasingly difficult and expensive to engage and turn into clients.

The choices you face often appear to be working against each other and the risk of a bad decision is high in dollar, reputational and business feasibility terms.  

Business Meeting

Customer Acquisition and Growth

Gone are the days where product and solutions sell themselves. AI and the pace of change have made engaging customers increasingly difficult and costly.

We work with similar SME Technology business owners to fix this and return your profit per employee to the positive

Business Meeting

Employee Attraction and Retention

How long do you need to keep a high cost resources before you make a profit?

What happens if they leave early or before you want? 

How will you deliver for your clients if you lose your best people? 

How do you get more productivity from these people?

We partner to strategically attract and retain your people so you can sleep well at night knowing you are covered. 

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Imagine in a year from now, you have fixed your key challenges, have profitable money in the bank and time to work on your business, not simply in your business.

Would you take a day a week off to spend with family or something you are passionate about? 

Would you grow your business? Would branch out into another discipline? Would you sell at a multiplier and create something new? 

We help Tech Firm Owners get back the life they wanted, achieve what they got into this thing in the first place for and sleep better at night.

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